THE ROOFThe EUROTHANE insulation range can be installed on or under the roof structure.The choice of board is strongly dependant on the location of the wall insulation. If you insulate on the inside of the wall, then you also choose installation under the roof structure and vice versa.If you install the Eurothane boards under the purlins, then:- in addition to the insulation you get an even, continuous ceiling- you avoid places where dirt, dust, food rests, etc. accumulate- you have a better light distribution, an even ventilation pattern and a flat insulation layer that is extremely easy to clean.Installation under the roof structure is not recommended when metal roof plates are used.Due to the “undercooling” phenomenon of steel plates the chance of condensation is greater than with corrugated panels. It is therefore necessary to pay extra attention to drainage of the condensation water.The positioning of insulation on purlins makes it possible to finish the whole roof construction in a single operation.In both cases you try to keep the number of seams to the absolute minimum.The dimensions of the EUROTHANE insulation boards, available up to 12 m in length, are an advantage that should not be underestimated.The maximum distance between the purlins depends on the thickness of the insulation used and on the loading. With a board thickness of 30 mm the maximum spacing is 1350 mm.

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