Floor insulation is still given too little attention nowadays. Energy losses through the floor are indeed lower than through walls, windows and roof.The average temperature of the soil is quite low for a non-insulated floor, namely approximately 10°C.Nevertheless floor insulation deserves the necessary attention for the following reasons:- it is essential for the feeling of comfort- it has a very favourable effect on the energy consumption- it helps to prevent surface condensation.The temperature of an insulated floor is approximately 20°C, an uninsulated floor on the other hand is 13°C.RD- VALUE CALCULATION EUROFLOORXPSInjected PURMortar with insulating fillers based onPUREPS 0,0230,0340,0290,0600,100R [m2W/K]mmmmmmmmmm0,8520302555851,30304540801301,704060501001702,15507570130 2,60609080160 3,007010590180 

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